Protection and accommodation program

  • The project of supporting the most affected HHs by NFIs and cash assistance for rents related to livelihood.
  • Emergency shelter kits distribution project (NFIs)

The project aims to alleviate the suffering of IDPs, host HHs and most affected HHs by displacement. It also supports the most vulnerable IDPs and was implemented within two separated projects; the first one was in Al-Shamaytin District with shelter kits (shelter and NFIs) benefited 400 HHs. While the second project was in Al-Qahirah and Salah Districts, targeted 1,000 displaced HHs, where the project provides cash assistance for the purchase of NFIs.

  • The project of the emergency humanitarian aid Distribution (Shelter materials) for the displaced HHs

This project aims to provide shelter materials for displaced HHs in Taiz Governorate.

  • In 2016, shelter materials were distributed to the displaced HHs within the scope of nine Districts (Al-Mawasit – Jabal Habashi – Mashra’a Wahadnan – Sabr Al-Mawadim – Al-Qahirah – Al-Mudhafar – Salah – Makha’a – Al-Maafar), and the project benefited 6,000 displaced HHs.

In 2018, shelter bags (tents) were distributed containing many of the requirements for installing the tent, and 150 HHs in Al-Shamayatain district benefited from them.

  • Rent cash distribution projects (2 projects)
  • These projects aim to alleviate the suffering of the affected HHs by providing rent monthly subsides for each HH.
  • In the first one, 200 HHs benefited from the project in Al-Shamayatain District through a 6-month cash transfer system (at a rate of 6 distribution rounds for each targeted HHs).
  • The second project targeted about 380 HHs within Salah and Al-Qahirah Districts; and the project delivered money to these HHs within livelihoods activity as an exit method for the tenants so that they can pay the rents after the end of the project.

Scope of the two projects: Al-Shamayateen, Salalah and Al-Qahirah Districts in Taiz Governorate