Livelihoods Program

BCFHD goes beyond traditional giving to sustainability and development and upgrading beneficiaries from recipients of aid to producers, actors and supreme hands.

  • Project of vocational training and economic empowerment of breadwinner women
  • The project aims to provide a stable source of income for 200 women who support a family through rehabilitation and empowerment through an income-generating project.
  • The project trains women in one of four handicrafts (sewing and embroidery – making incense and smells – handicrafts – hairdressing and engraving) and enable them to open income-generating project

200 women heads of households benefited from this project

  • Improving livelihoods for conflict-affected families through integrated support to food security and nutrition.
  • It is to provide the beneficiaries with:
  • Agricultural inputs (vegetable seeds – legumes seeds).
  • Drip irrigation system includes irrigation network and pipes.
  • Water tanks 5000 – 6000 liters.
  • Project scope: districts of (Sharab Al-Salam – Sharab Al-Rona – Al-Ta’izah – Al-Shamayatayn).
  • The project benefited 600 HHs.