Health and Nutrition Program

  • Health and Nutrition Program Cash Assistance Project for Malnutrition Cases

The project aims to motivate families to refer malnourished children to health facilities and to provide cash assistance for the purchase of nutritional supplements along with nutrition provided by health centers for severe acute malnutrition (SAM).

The project benefited 878 cases of children with severe acute malnutrition (SAM), within the scope of Al-Mudhafar District (May 22 Center for Motherhood and Childhood – Al-Wafa Medical Center) in four installments, and each installment has three installments.

  • Rehabilitation and furnishing of health centers project
  • Support Sharar Health Clinic
    • This project aims to empowerment (1218) IDPs from obtaining good medical services during the period of displacement in Bani Yousef sub district of Al-Mawaset District.
    • In this project, the clinic was rehabilitated by providing medical tools, equipment and oxygen tubes and solar energy.
  • The distribution of medical tools, equipment and oxygen tubes progect.
  • The project aimed to provide 14 hospitals and medical centers with medical tools, equipment and oxygen tubes in order to provide appropriate medical services for patients.
  • 14 hospitals and health centers in 8 districts benefited from this project.