Food Security Program

  • The emergency food assistance project, for the most affected HHs in Al- Shamaytin

The project aims to secure food for the most affected HHs and improves the access of those HHs to food assistance within the scope of Al- Shmaiteen district in Taiz Governorate. It was implemented within two years through the voucher system for 3 monthly rounds as well as through the cash transfer mechanism for 6 rounds, in addition to one round for the displaced. 6957 HHs (34,475 individuals) benefited from the project.

In the second phase of this project, the sub-agreement was signed with the local authority during a short period (two days), and the reason is the good impression and the tangible impact of the previous project with the local authority and the beneficiaries in Al-Shamayten district.

  • Distribution of the emergency food assistance to the most affected HHs in Mokha district

This project aims to provide food to the most vulnerable HHs in Mukhah district, al-Mashalhah sub district.

The project is implemented through cash transfer mechanism for a number of 6 rounds.

The project benefited 1000  HHs.