Education program

  • The project of improving the quality of education for the most affected students in Al-Wazia District

This project aims to improve the quality of education for the most affected students in Al-Wazia District whose ages are between 6 and 17 targeting 15 schools in Al-Wazia District.

  • Project axes
  • Distributing the new desks (1410 desks) to the targeted schools that have a deficit in the number of seats, and its
  • Repairing old seats that need maintenance (565 desks).
  • Distributing the school bag (4143 bags) to the most affected students whose grades between 1 to 6 primary grade, the bags contains these study supplies (8 notebooks with 80 sheets + a packet of pencils + a packet of pens + a packet of sharpeners + a pencil case + a packet of colored pencils + a packet of rulers).

Training the staff of the Education Office on EiE, and training FC Fathers’ Council (FC) and school administration councils on dealing with education in emergencies for (190) members.

  • Academic Excellence Center
  • The project aims to reduce the dropout of university students who excel in studies in rural directorates and are unable to continue university education due to poverty.
  • The center provides many services for students who excel in study, including Shelter, housing and food services and providing a safe and appropriate environment for university study. It also provides educational, training, and vocational programs, where many courses and activities are carried out to contribute to the advancement of student’s knowledge, skills, education and behavior. 150 students benefit from this project annually.

The number of beneficiaries of this project since 2010 until 2019 was about 1350 students.

  • Female scholarship project

BCFHD provided 127 financial grants to female university students who were forced by the war to continue studying outside Taiz, believing in the importance of continuing university education and helping female students to complete their university studies in these difficult circumstances. The registration website was available to all female students of Taiz University and the selection of 127 students was according to specific criteria through a specialized committee from BCFHD and the University of Taiz.