• International statistics indicate that more than 12 million people in Yemen do not have access to clean water and sanitation services, as security incidents and the humanitarian crisis caused water costs to rise significantly.
  • Our goal
  • The program aims to contribute in the emergency response in the field of water, environmental sanitation and cholera to the most affected communities, as the project is concerned with spreading awareness, health education and hygiene promotion in order to secure a healthy environment free of diseases.
  • Projects of this program
  • Projects of this program
    • The cholera emergency response interventions project in vulnerable affected communities and IDPs in high priority to the areas include the following activities:
      • Raising the awareness of the community within the project’s geographical scope.
      • Cholorization of water tanks.
      • Chlorine distribution for HHs affected by cholera.
      • Construction of a 25m3 reservoir, connecting the reservoir to the source, and connecting a network to supply the neighboring villages with clean drinking water.
    • Cholera Control Project.
    • Water tanks building project.

    The number of project beneficiaries reached 53,215 individuals