Social Projects

  • BCFHD seeks to provide assistance to the poor and needy families through seasonal and non-seasonal projects concentrating mostly on the group of the poorest and most vulnerable families in society, and is also concerned with sponsoring orphans and other eligible groups so as to help them to achieve self-development as well as fulfilling their needs. A part form building community development, BCFHD is concerned with the infrastructure of number of public centers that serve development fields in the community.
  • Our goal

The program aims to reduce the poverty rate, provide periodic assistance and sponsorships, and spread a spirit of solidarity among community members and contribute to alleviating the suffering of the needy, poor families and vulnerable groups through seasonal projects, and aims to rehabilitate infrastructure in several areas of development.

  • Projects of this program
    • Social welfare projects
      • Eftar Asaem project
      • Fasting breakfast project
      • Ramadan Basket Project
      • Eid Qurban sacrifices
      • Zakat al-Fitr project
      • Eid clothing project
      • Various sponsorships
    • Social development projects
      • Furnishing and equipping women’s centers
      • Furnishing and restoring public schools

    The number of beneficiaries of the project amounted to 628,896 individuals