• Education is at the forefront of BCFHD interest, as it is considered one of the main pillars of the civilized advancement and historical transformations of societies. We hope that we will have a distinctive imprint in this field in which the contribution is considered as laying the basic
        building blocks for development that are mainly based on human development and the formulation of positive perceptions and open minds towards the Excellency
  • Our goal
  • BCFHD works through the education program to implement a number of educational projects in Yemen with the aim of raising the quality of education, increasing safe access to education for children and supporting teachers and administrative cadres alike.The program also aims to reduce the dropout of excellent students in rural districts and who are unable to continue university education because of poverty
  • Projects of this program
    • The project to improve the quality of education for the most affected students in Al-Wazia District.
    • Academic Excellence Center.
    • Honoring the first and excelling students.
    • Support and honor educational activities
    • Financial grants for female students
    • Supporting M.A students
    • Contribute to building and repairing schools
    • Summer centers
    • School bag
    • Training and qualification

    Number of beneficiaries is 63,004.