Our Vision

Excellence in the provision of education, development and humanitarian services that contribute to the development of the community  and the individual to live in dignity and stability.

Our Mission

BCFHD is a humanitarian organization aims to provide humanitarian and development services through various programs and activities to develop the individual to become a positive member in the community.

Our Values:

  • Institutionality:Running the projects of BCFHD according to an institutional system.
  • Transparency:Clear and transparency treatment in all of our dealings, internally and externally
  • Humanity:Ensuring that individuals are treated in humanitarian manner in all circumstances..
  • Independence:The independence of the humanitarian work from any political, financial or military pressure.
  • Accountability:The right to inquire about the employees’ administrative actions and the right to explain their views on
    employees’ behaviors and attitudes related to the performance of their work.
  • Networking:Coordinating the collaboration and partnership between BCFHD and the other humanitarian organizations.
  • Excellence:Commitment to the principle of professionalism and the provision of services of high quality.
  • Justice:Achieving the principle of justice and fairness.
  • Neutrality : The commitment to neutrality according to objectives of BCFHD.
  • Creativeness : The best use of resources and possibilities to achieve the highest return from the use of available inputs.