The Administrative Board of the 5th circle in 2012

No Name Title
1 Abdulkarem A. A. Shamsan President of BCFHD
2 Nageeb Abdulraof Mukred Vice President of BCFHD
3 Aref Mohammed Hizam General Secretary
4 Shayef Hamood Ali Finance Manager
5 Abdulqader Ahmad Mohammed Member
6 Abdulmajeed Mohammed Ghaleb Member
7 Ameen Ahmed Mukred Member
8 Abdulrahman Mohammed Abdullah Member
9 Saleem Abdulrahman Mohammed Member
10 Aljanadi Mohammed Abdullah Member
11 Fuad Abduldayem Ahmed Member
12 Khalid Abduh Omar Member
13 Faydah Sharaf Ahmed Member
14 Tahani Mohammed Saeed Member

Monitoring Committee

No Name Title
1 Aref Abduh Saif Head of the Committee
2 Sultan Shaif Reporter of the Committee
3 Mansour Mohammed Ahmed Member