Distinguished leadership in the field of humanitarian and sustainable development for the advancement of Yemeni citizen


BCFHD seeks to provide the best humanitarian and developmental services through distinct programs, projects and activities; its qualified personnel and appropriate infrastructure; and effective partnership in order to achieve sustainable community development


  • Institutionally:Running the activities and business of BCFHD according to an institutional system
  • Cooperation:Humanitarian work is based on cooperation and coordination between all parties, to communicate with the targeted beneficiaries
  • Humanity:ensuring that individuals are treated in humanitarian manner in all circumstances
  • Partnership, Impartiality, Transparency and Credibility:BCFHD always seeks to winning new partnerships. BCFHD makes sure to maintain Impartiality, Transparency and Credibility in all the implemented projects and activities and always seeks for sustainable development and renewability
  • Justice and Equality:BCFHD is keen to provide its services to the beneficiaries without any consideration of racial, religious or any other differences, however, it takes into account the various vulnerable cases
  • Innovation and Creativity: Creating opportunities for creativity, encouraging distinctive ideas, and rewarding innovation and development
  • Professional and objective:Our work is based on a clear professional methodology with all organization's pioneers at their various social and economic levels