Start & Identity

Bana Charity for Human Development (BCFHD) is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit

organization founded on June 20, 1996 and its geographical scope includes all Governorates of the Republic of Yemen.

BCFHD works in major sectors, including Education, Food Security, Livelihoods, Shelter, Protection, Wash, Relief, Social Welfare, Health and Nutrition, and each sector has many projects that benefit tens of thousands of community members annually.

Scope of Work:

The geographical scope of (BCFHD) includes all Governorates of the Republic of Yemen.

Bena Charity for Human Development ,Yemen Republic – Taiz, is a non-government Independent Organization, established in 20th June 1996, under a name of “Social and Charity of Bani Youssef” till 22nd Jan 2010, as the Assembly decided to change its name to “Bena Charity for Human Development” and its geographic zone to Taiz province. About 500 volunteers run its activities, which are focused on two scopes; the development scope 65%, and cultivation 35%.

Its main mission is the excellence in humanitarian services through qualifying and promoting an individual to be a positive member, helping in building up his/her society. The charity works on several sectors, such as; Culture, Development, Empowering, Relief and woman field. Each sector has several social and development projects that thousands of community get advantage of.

Work Zone :

According to the Statute, Bena’s geographical zone is Taiz province, consisting of 23 districts, which is worthy to be extended in the future to the near provinces.

Charity in numbers :