Funded by YHF, Bena Charity for Human Development (BCFHD) launched the project of distributing school desks in Al-Waziya district.

In the presence of the Head of the District, the Head of the Local Council and in coordination with the Department of Education in the district, BCFHD launched the distribution of double desks in the school of “The deceased Ahmed Saif al-Zarafi” within the project of “improving the quality of education for the most affected students in the district”. The project targets 24 schools with new desks in (Al-Zarifah, Al-Mashaleh and Al-Bukra) sub districts.

In his speech, the Head of the District ,Ahmed Al-Zarafi, has praised the efforts exerted by BCFHD in the implementation of such projects that contribute to meet the needs of  students who do not find anywhere to seat except on the ground in the targeted schools and contribute to the success of the strategy of improving the educational process.

The project manager pointed out that the number of double desks to be distributed within the project is 1410 desks.  In addition to repairing 565 of the old double desks in the various schools targeted by the project.