In the presence of the Head of the District and the Head of the Department of Education, Bena Charity for Human Development (BCFHD) launches the school-bag-distribution project in Al-Waziya district

Funded by United Nations Humanitarian Fund – Yemen (YHF), BCFHD launched, on Monday 21st Oct. 2019, the activity of school-bag distribution project in Al-Waziya district targeting 4143 students of 1st grade to 6th grade.

This activity comes within the project of enhancing the quality of education for the most affected students in the district and it is contributes to solving the difficulties faced in the field of education during emergencies.

The inauguration was attended by the Head of the District, the Head of the Local Council, the Head of the Education Department, the Project Manager and members of the Parents’ Council. The project manager stated that the activity targets 4143 male and female students with school bags in 16 schools in Al-Zarifah, Al-Mashaleh and Al-Bukra sub districts according to the distribution plan for October.

In his speech, the Head of the District praised the efforts exerted by BCFHD in the field of education and urged the parties of the educational process to keep pace with the work to improve the level of educational attainment among students.

In the other hand, The Head of the Department of Education stressed the importance of this project in helping students return to their schools and reduce the phenomenon of dropout.