Bena Charity for Human Development (BCFHD) provides food assistance to thousands of vulnerable households in Ash Shamayatayn district of Taiz Governorat.

In partnership with the Relief and Developmemt Peer Foundation (RDP), BCFHD concluded the YHF funded – project of emergency food assistance for the most
vulnerable households in Ash Shamayatayn district of Taiz Governorate.

The director of the project, Riyadh Shamsan, explained that the project aims to increase the access of the most vulnerable households to food assistance in in Ash Shamayatayn district of Taiz Governorate, pointing out that the project targeted 2800 beneficiary HHs (14,753 individuals of which 29% are beneficiary women) in three sub districts namely; Alasabeh, Adim and Alhadram in addition to Alhoknoon area in Azakirah district.

Mr. Shamsan revealed that the project has been implemented through cash transfer modality according to FSAC standards for 6 distribution rounds along 6 months, adding that the project was extended for one month using savings resulting from the difference in exchange rate after obtaining approval from FSAC Cluster and YHF targeting 1000 HHs (5009 individuals) of newly IDPs for one distribution round.

Mr.Shamsan pointed out that the project has made a great success, providing food security for vulnerable HHs, encouraging them to pushed their children to continue their education after they had dropped out searching for a living. He added that the project was implemented after coordination with the local authorities and has many activities including: organizing workshops and training session for field teams , formation of community committees in the target areas, carrying out registration and verification for beneficiaries, raising the awareness of beneficiaries on feedback and complaints mechanism, provision of cash assistance to beneficiaries through service provider in addition to monitoring and evaluation of the activities.

Mr. Shamsan praised all governmental and non-governmental bodies, organizations and community committees that contributed to the success of the project pointing out the need to varify the upcoming projects and focus on other income-generating projects so that vulnerable households become self-sufficient.