Mr. Ammar Taha Alhemyari

Mr. Ammar and his successful graduation projec
Mr. Ammar Taha Alhemiary is a graduator of an industrial engineering and systems department.

He was one of embraced students of the Excellence Center during their studies at the university for 4 years. In this center, the students have found all facilities in which they helped them to get excellent appreciations and unique scientific experiences. The Excellence Center participated through its activities and several programs in creating special and unique samples, distinguished in facing any difficulties and contributing in serving the country and citizens as well.

Mr. Ammar Taha Alhimyari, didn’t’ stop only at getting and being superior of his studying specialty, he insisted with some of his colleagues to present a graduation project whose a flavor of experienced and professional industrials. Mr. Ammar and three of his colleagues, the view of the garbage in streets and avenues and the lack of any proper investment for such crisis in the city drew their attentions as this current picture not only destroys the source image, but also it damages the environment.
Mr. Ammar and his colleagues have succeeded by coming up with an idea of recycling the only plastic of the garbage to crude oil and get an advantage of it again.
We leave you with Mr. Ammar Alhemyari and his successful project details story.
At the beginning, the cost of making a hand-held device was about 500 $. This device contains of metals that can stand up high temperature and pressure and it is operated through electricity.
To generate the required heat which recycles the plastic of the garbage to a useful product, it should be conducted after a filter process by two stages through micrometer (10) in YCGSI.
Through the filter process, we got a product free of unwanted impurities. This product was taken to the international airport of Taiz City and the administration of supply-aircraft of Yemeni Oil Company, as they had a screening device used to check out the type of oil supplied to aircrafts (kerosene).
The device used through a separation process for the filter-process product on several products (Gas – Benzene – Kerosene – Diesel) in addition to some materials such as grease and oils. After a separation process, several tests have been conducted in many companies such as (Aden Refinery Company – METCO – YCGSI) to ensure the possibility of using the type of oils as one of them like (ASTM) matched the international specifications of such types.
Mr. Alhemiary and his colleagues’ ambitions haven’t stopped at this project, which has a very admiration and desirability of specialized concerned people. Currently, they have a full study for a project of establishing a factory with a cost of ten million dollars to recycle 40 % of remnants of Taiz province in which this cost will be reimbursed during 12 months through selling one liter with a cost of 74 YER, which means with a markup percentage of 100 %.
Mr. Ammar Alhemiary dedicates his distinct successful project, which has the first place in the first exhibition of the Engineer College Projects in Taiz University, to the management of the Excellence Centers and all of its teachers and masters