Mr. Riyadh Sallam

Mr. Riyadh Sallam – The Manager of the Excellence Center (Male Students)
The beginning of my story started by being a short-selected candidate through the Internet for training on” The development of teaching skills through interactive network”.

It was for the English teachers and inspectors through American Embassy as I had a reply from Oregon University that I was accepted.
By Allah blessings, I was the only candidate from Yemen Republic among the selected group, as there were participants from Asia, Africa, Europe, I studied with. Each group included 25 participants. The program content for this training was” Preparing a project for solving an educational problem” in which the solution should be a part of what we have had through the course and a technological one as well.
As I have been a supervisor on the Excellence Centers for both females and males, I had touched a problem of female students’ level of English language, coming from villages to study in university in Taiz, which was weak.  The problem was defined and classified accurately under “Delay in Reading Skills”, as its one of the essential matters of any university student for his/her searches, information and references which most of them are written in English language.
The idea of the problem solution was to create an educational website in Google in which it includes several educational links and files to improve the language skills, and reading ones in particular which considered a good incentive for self-studying.
I chose the village-female student because she didn’t receive any proper attention of training and qualifying in compression to others. I chose the sample of the project to be female students department in the Excellence Center which is provided with a very good infrastructure such as (hall, computer lab, internet…etc)

By Allah gracing, 98 % of the project has been adopted and my permission was taken to consider my project as an example for the students of Oregon University.
This is to say that the project will be an example referred to from several international countries as this university is ancient and very popular and has a universal fame. Regarding the number of participants in such training courses is about 1200 participants a year, from 125 countries.
For this precious occasion, I dedicate my successes for people who have fingerprints in my educational progress, in particular, Mr. Mohammad Ali Esmayel, the ex-chairman of Bena Charity, and Mr. Shawqi Alqadhy, the chairman of Noods Yemen organization whom I have been a very big impact and advantage through.
I hope that all students to get an advantage of technology regarding Education, particularly through Internet to gain a very good educational progress as the electronic library has become something indispensable. The electronic library is a very huge library in which everyone should use it very well as it has an educational incentive as well.
Therefore, I hope that the Internet could be a class of the studying curriculum in the future.