On Thursday, June 13, 2019, Bena‘a Charity (BCFHD)

On Thursday, June 13, 2019, Bena‘a Charity (BCFHD) concluded its training workshop on the project of “Quality education for the most affected students in Al Wazi’iyah district and Emergency food assistance for highly vulnerable households in Al Mukha district of Taiz Governorate”, which is funded by the United Nations Humanitarian Fund in Yemen.

The workshop was attended by 13 members of the project team together with the trainer Dr. Ibrahim Al-Musallami.

The workshop included four sessions, during which participants discussed the activities of the project, including the project structure, objectives, activities, targeted areas, outputs, indicators, Sphere standards, protection criteria and expected risks during the project period, in addition to some brainstorming activities. Furthermore, the trainees practiced some activities aims at developing skills relate to the mechanism of preparing plans, activities of the project and writing reports professionally, in addition to the establishment of complaints mechanism, the mechanism of implementation of market assessment, the mechanism of food distribution and cash transfers, and concluded the workshop with important guides to succeed the project.