With The Support Of Fresno Improvers Pure Hands, In Coordination With BCFHD, Implements The Cholera Control Project In Taiz

Funded by the Fresno Improvers, Pure Hands in coordination with the Bena Charity For Human Development (BCFHD) , implemented the Cholera Control Project in Taiz Governorate in February 2019.

The Projects Manager in BCFHD, Mr. Sulaiman Al-Samadi, explained that the project includes training courses for voluntary team in methods of protection and prevention from Cholera as well as field visits to a number of areas and neighborhoods in e Taiz city, adding that the project also includes the distribution of cleaning tools and water tanks to the Cholera Control Center at the Al-Gomhori Hospital.

The director of Al-Gomhori Hospital, appreciated Fresno Improvers for the support given and for being sponsored to the Cholera Control Project, and praised the efforts and initiatives of Pure Hands and BCFHD which responded quickly to the appeal of the Governorate’s children who come to the Cholera Control Center in big numbers.

The administration of Al-Gomhori Hospital pointed out that the Cholera Control Center was about to close due to lack of water and basic materials, but the humanitarian response by Fresno Improvers and BCFHD opened doors of hope for the Center to continue its services to the people of Taiz Governorate.

The Epidemiological Surveillance Center of Health Office in Taiz has recorded more than 5000 people infected with cholera since the beginning of January 2019.