BCFHD Launches the Round of Cash Transfer Assistance

Within the project of “Emergency Food Assistance to the Most Vulnerable Households in Ash Shamayatyn District – Funded by YHF “, BCFHD launched the first round of provision of cash assistance in the presence of Mr. Tariq Al-Hamadi, the Executive Manager.

Mr. Riyadh Shamsan, the project manager said that the project targets 2800 households according to FSAC standards in four target areas of Ash Shamayatyn District namely sub districts of Adeem, Alasabh , Alhadharem and Alhoknoon area of Azakira sub district, adding that the modality of the project includes monthly cash transfers that will be ongoing for future rounds.

Mr. Shamsan pointed out that the project was implemented with the participation of women by 50% in community food management committees, registration team, verification team and distribution team.

It is worth mentioning that the provision of cash assistance was done after coordination with local authorities at the level of target governorate, district and sub district.