Open Meeting For Employees In Bena Charity

Bena Charity for Human Development (BCFHD) organized an open meeting for employees on the occasion of World Labor Day, which comes on May 1 of each year.

During the open meeting, the two ideal employees of the year 2017 were honored namely: Riyadh Shamiri – the Public Relations Officer and Abdulalim Al-Quraidhi, the Manager of Academic Excellence Center. On this occasion, Dr. Abdulkarim Shamsan, the President of BCFHD, explained that the Charity always seeks to communicate between the leadership of the Charity and all its employees by organizing many social activities to motivate the employees to continue to exert more efforts . Dr. Shamsan also appreciated the efforts of the employees of the Charity, pointing out that the moral honoring is very important, stressing that the Charity is interested in organizing such events in order to strengthen bridges of cooperation and communication and interaction between all the employees in the Charity. The employees expressed their gratitude to the leadership of the Charity to organize this event pointing out that honoring the ideal employees motivates the staff to make more effort . At the end of the open meeting, certificates of appreciation were distributed to the honored employees.