Bena Charity For Human Development Implements A New Batch Of Relief Project

In coordination with the Office of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation in Taiz, Bena Charity for Human Development (BCHD) implemented the new batch of relief project targeting the most vulnerable and the war-affected people at the sub district of Sallah.

The project officer, Mr. Amar Alsamet declared that this new batch included the distribution of food baskets, blankets and baby clothes, in addition to the distribution of the fifth category of orphans funded by supporters from Dearborn, Michigan, USA and supervised by Pure Hands Organization. 68 food baskets were distributed to 68 families. The food basket contains the necessary items. Furthermore, blankets were distributed to 91 families and clothes were distributed to 72 children. In the same context, 39 children of the fifth category of orphans received their dues of the first quarter, 2018. Mr. Alsamet thanked all supporters and Pure Hands Organization for their constant interaction with the needs of those affected.