Bena Charity Inaugurates The New Extension Of Belquis School

The General Director of Almawaset District, Mr. Ameen Sharaf Alfadhli together with the President of Bena Charity, Dr. Abdulkarem Shamsan inaugurated the new extension of Belquis School for girls in Alfawadi Region of Almawaset District.

The new extension of school contains nine classrooms, six of which were built by a donor from Qatar, while the other three classrooms were built by the people of the region. On this occasion a ceremony was organized in which 104 female students from the top and the most talented in the school were honored by the General Manager of Education Office of Almawaset District. At the ceremony, the General Director of Almawaset District gave a speech in which he expressed his gratitude for the support and the efforts of Bena Charity in the field of education, praising its development projects that did not stop in spite of the war and the difficult conditions the country is going through. In his speech, Dr. Shamsan stressed the importance of education and the significance of providing all the educational requirements for all students, especially during the tragic circumstances that Yemen is going through, confirming that Bena Charity will work hard to push the education process ahead. The celebration was attended by the Project Manager of Bena Charity, Mr. Sulaiman Alsamadi, community leaders, members of Students’ Parents Council and teachers.