Bena Charity (BCHD) Issues Its Annual Report For 2017

Bena Charity for Human Development issued its annual report for 2017, which reviews the most prominent activities and projects of the Charity during the whole year.

The annual report includes pictures and figures of the Charity achievements in four main fields during the year 2017. The field of education scored the highest rank with 48% followed by relief. The report also includes a detailed list of projects and activities in the fields of social welfare, health as well as the file of partnerships with international organizations. Dr. Abdulkarim Shamsan, President of BCHD, expressed his thanks and gratitude to all the supporting bodies and the local and international organizations that contributed their efforts, and support to the projects of the Charity. Dr. Shamsan added “I would also like to extend my thanks and appreciation to the Administrative Board and all the staff and the volunteers of the Charity for their sincere efforts and dedication in the implementation of charitable development services.

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