Bena Charity For Human Development Concludes The Distribution Of Medical Aids To Taiz Hospitals

BCHD concluded the project of distributing medical supplies to hospitals and health centers in Taiz Governorate, which was inaugurated in December 2017 in the presence of, Dr. Abdulrahim Alsamai, the Director of Health Office in Taiz and Mr. Mohamed Abdullah, the Deputy Director of Planning and International Cooperation Office in Taiz and Mr. Najeeb Abdulraouf, the Deputy Director of Bena Charity.

The Projects Manager at BCHD, Mr. Suliman Samadi pointed that the project was funded by United Muslim Relief, supervised by Pure Hands Organization and targeted the main government hospitals in Taiz (Algomhuri Hospital, Althwra Hospital, Altawn Hospital, Almudhafar Hospital and Motherhood & Childhood Hospital as well as some rural health centers. Mr. Samadi added that the distribution of about 4 containers contained many medical supplies, devices of emergency department, dialysis, surgeries and accessories for children, mothers, the disabled and the infirm as well as furnishings of hospitals and health centers.

In this occasion, Dr. Abdulrahim Alsamai, the Director of Health Office in Taiz, explained that this medical assistance came at the right time as a result of the shortage of medicines and medical supplies in hospitals because of the difficult conditions in Taiz Governorate. Additionally, Mr. Najeeb Abdulraouf, the Deputy Director of Bena Charity said that the project came within the relief projects carried out by Bena Charity to support the hospitals of Taiz city and rural areas with medical supplies, to alleviate the crisis of hospitals and health centers due to the continuation of the war, stressing that the need is still large in this field. It is worth mentioning that the final stage of the project will be the distribution of wheel chairs and crutches targeting the disabled and people with special needs.