The Academic Excellence Center- Male Students’ Branch- Bids Farewell To Hope Makers Batch

The Academic Excellence Center -Male Students’ Branch – of Bena Charity organized on Wednesday, August 9, 2017, a farewell party for 11 male graduates from the ” Hope Makers Batch” in the presence of Dr. Abdo Mohammed Al-Koliabi, Manager of the Academic Excellence Center and Mr. Mohamed Ali Ismail, Chairman of the Administrative Board of Bena Charity in the midst of feelings of joy and pleasure mixed with feelings of farewell and separation.

The ceremony started with verses from the Holy Quran, followed by a welcoming song and a poem by the child, Hana Amin, in addition to many artistic programs and speeches on this occasion.

Dr. Abdo Mohammed Al-Koliabi, Manager of the Academic Excellence Center said in his speech that he was happy to share students their happiness and participate in the farewell of 11 male students from the ” Hope Makers Batch”, adding that in that auspicious day, the Academic Excellence Center was bidding farewell to a group of students after 4 years full of diligence and hard work. Dr. Al-Koliabi stressed that the batch would be ” the Hope Makers ” like its name, pointing out that obtaining bachelor degree is not the last step but the first brick in the academic construction base, calling on the graduates to pursue postgraduate studies in various majors.

In his speech, Mr. Ismail, praised the outstanding efforts of students for achieving the educational goal, completing the study at the university and obtaining the qualifications in different majors, wishing them success in their scientific and practical future.

In graduates’ speech, the student, Abdulqayyum Hamid, thanked the administration of the Academic Excellence Center, Bena Charity and all the supporters of the Center, pointing out that the years of study are considered to be the best years of life, expressing gratitude to all those who supported them since the beginning of the study to achieve their ambitions. The ceremony ended with the distribution of many gifts and certificates of appreciation to the graduates.

It is worth mentioning that this farewell party was preceded by a similar party held in the girls’ branch a few days ago to bid farewell to 26 students from the ” Hope Makers Batch”. Thus, the number of the Academic Excellence Center students who graduated from Taiz University this year reached 37 male and female students.