Bena Charity Carries Out “Food Basket Project” For 800 Teachers

Bena Charity for Human Development implemented the project of food baskets distribution targeting 800 teachers at several schools in Almodhafar District, Taiz Governorate under the slogan “Appreciation for the Teacher”.

The project is funded by the International Association for Relief and Development and supervised by Orphan Development Foundation in Taiz. Mr. Riyad Salam , the Executive Manager of Bena Charity, said that this project aims at alleviating the suffering of teachers caused by the cut of their monthly salaries as well as the ongoing war for more than two years, adding that the Charity supported 800 male and female teachers with food items, sensing the great role played by the teacher. Mr. Salam pointed at the great suffering of all sectors working in Taiz, including the education sector as a result of salary cut for more than 10 months. He called on all civil society organizations and international humanitarian organizations to fulfill their humanitarian and relief duties to alleviate the difficult living hardships experienced by Yemeni people.