Bena Charity For Human Development Issues A 20-Year Report Of Giving And Development

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, the Media Department of Bena Charity for Human Development issued a comprehensive report including the most outstanding achievements of the Charity over the past twenty years of humanitarian giving since its first project in 1997.

The projects of the Charity, which started at the level of Bani Yusuf Sub-district, varied between social, service, development, health, education and sponsorship as well as relief projects in recent years. On this occasion Mr. Riyadh Salam, Executive Manager of the Charity shed light on the most important projects and humanitarian activities carried out by the Charity over the past twenty years pointing out that the Charity carried out its activities based on its vision of being excellent in providing service to those in need and helping to build an educated society that aspires to live in dignity and stability. He added that the Charity has passed several important stations that enabled it to develop and modernize its system and projects, focus its activities on the development of education and expand its scope of work from Bani Yusuf Sub-district to cover all the districts at the level of Taiz Governorate in addition to the implementation of projects in other governorates through partners. Mr. Salam pointed out that the total beneficiaries of the Charity projects during 20 years amounted to 1157522 people through 41 major projects in six fields and the total cost of projects implemented reached more than two billion Yemeni riyals, equivalent to ten million dollars, while the scope of the Charity work reached 28 districts in 5 governorates. He also mentioned that the Charity has relations and partnerships with more than 50 local, government, Arab and international organizations aspiring to more strong partnerships for the benefit of the society. Mr. Salam clarified that the indicator of projects expansion in the Charity has increased with 73% in the last eight years during the period (2008-2016) where sponsorship projects topped with 29 %, education projects came second with 22 %, relief projects with 21 %, social projects with 14 %, service projects with 6%, and construction and development with 8%. Mr. Salam expressed his deep thanks and gratitude to all founders, supporters and partners locally and internationally, praising the sincere efforts of the Administrative Board and employees of the Charity who contributed to the success of the Charity projects and its development.

It is worth mentioning that Bena Charity for Human Development, an independent non-profit organization based in Taiz, Republic of Yemen, was established on 20 June 1996 under the name of “Bani Yusuf Social Assembly” until 22 January 2010 when the General Assembly decided to change the name to “Bena Charity for Human Development” and expanded the geographical scope of the Charity from Almawest District to include 23 districts all over Taiz Governorate. About 500 volunteers run activities of Bena Charity, which focus on two scopes; the development scope 65%, and care 35%. The charity works in several key sectors including education, development, empowering, relief and woman field. Each sector has several social and development projects that thousands of community members get advantage of.