The Academic Excellence Center Forms A Voluntary Team To Raise Awareness About Cholera In Taiz Districts

The Academic Excellence Center organized an awareness seminar on “Cholera risks and prevention” in the Center hall – girls’ section in partnership with the Environmental Awareness Center in Taiz.

The Manager of the Center, Dr. Abdu Al-Kolibi, said that this seminar is part of the Center pioneering role in adopting community issues and contributing to the provision of possible solutions. Dr. Al-Kolibi added that a team of 40 volunteer students (boys and girls) has been formed to raise the community awareness about the dangers of cholera and to make people more aware of the prevention methods through field visits to 15 districts in Taiz governorate. On the other hand, Dr. Mansour Al-Kholidi, an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, reviewed the symptoms and signs of the disease, indicating that the infectious intestinal diseases caused by the cholera strains. Dr. Al-Kholidi explained that cholera epidemic is transmitted by having contaminated food and water, and aquatic environments are a reservoir of cholera. Cholera is one of the fastest known deadly epidemics and patients may die within three hours if the necessary medical treatment is not provided. Dr. Al-Kholidi pointed out that the most important symptoms of cholera are severe diarrhea without colic, severe vomiting after diarrhea accompanied by nausea, dehydration and severe thirst due to diarrhea and vomiting leading to a drop in blood circulation. Dr. Al-Kholidi concluded his training for the voluntary team by discussing how to treat cholera patients, which included compensating the fluids lost immediately, either through a dry treatment solution or by preparing salt and sugar solution.The seminar was attended by students from the Faculty of Medicine, members of the voluntary team and many interested parties.