Students Of The Academic Excellence Center Conduct A Community Campaign In The Field Of Hygiene

Under the slogan “My environment is my responsibility”, the students of the Academic Excellence Center of Bana Charity carried out a community campaign in the field

of hygiene which included several activities namely, cleaning the Center neighborhood, health awareness Aand family guidance. These activities which were conducted in an effective atmosphere of understanding and active participation among all female students reflected an impressive picture of the Center in front of the local community. One of the participants in the campaign said that the initiative had a positive impact on the spirit of working as one team and active participation of all students. The Deputy Manager of the Academic Excellence Center, Mr. Mahfouz Ahmed, confirmed that all those who are in the Center (girls’ section) including supervisors, administrators and students have the spirit of working as one team, the initiative and the sense of belonging to the Center, adding that this community campaign expresses the duty of the Center towards the local community. Mr. Ahmed thanked all those who contributed to the success of the campaign especially the Environmental Awareness Center which played the major role in providing cleaning tools