Bena Charity Sponsors A Youth Activity For Taiz University Students

Under the title “Despite the pain I have hope,” students of Taiz University organized a public student ceremony expressing the continuation of the lifeline and the continuation of the educational process despite the tragic situation in Taiz.

The organizers of the ceremony aim to restore hope in the hearts of the youth of Taiz city, especially its students, despite all the harsh conditions that the city in particular and Yemen in general have been facing. At the ceremony, held in the hall of Tawfiq Abdul-Rahim and under the auspices of Taiz governor, Mr. Ali Al-Maamari, many students of the participating colleges were honored. The activities included many artistic and rhetorical programs and expressive sketches which gained applause of the attendance. At the end of the ceremony, the representative of Bena Charity for Human Development, Mr, Essam Al-Sufiani was handed a certificate of thanks and gratitude for the Charity official sponsorship of the ceremony and its efforts in the field of education and its interaction with the students of Taiz University.

The ceremony was attended by deans of the faculties, male and female students representing all the faculties of Taiz University and many media personalities and academic personalities.