The Dean Of Faculty Of Education Visits The Academic Excellence Center

The Dean of Faculty of Education at Taiz University, Dr. Hilmi Al-Shaibani, visited the Academic Excellence Center (Girls’ Branch), where he met Mr. Mahfouz Al-Yousofi, Deputy Manager of the Center and Hidayat Al-Sufi, Manageress of Girls’ Branch.

Dr. Al-Shaibani toured the branch of the female students, looked at the sections of the center and listened to a detailed explanation about the nature of the services provided by the center for students.

Dr. Al-Sheibani, on the other hand, expressed his great pleasure for visiting the Academic Excellence Center, saying: “I have seen the dream I had since my childhood comes true in this Center where I see a small creative society blooming with springs of talent and mental potential of students”.” The Academic Excellence Center (Girls’ Branch) with its six- storey building and distinguished staff presents a unique experience at the governorate level and I wish it all the best” he added.