Bena Charity Represents Yemen In The 17th Camp For Disaster Management

The 7th field camp for training on disaster management, organized by Qatar Red Crescent from April 3 to April 12, 2017 with the participation of 350 people representing 18 Arab and regional countries, concluded its activities in Qatar. Mr. Riyadh Salam, Executive Manager of Bena Charity

said that the participation of Bena Charity in this camp comes within the framework of effective cooperation and fruitful partnership with Qatar Red Crescent in order to coordinate efforts and benefit from experiences in relief field and disaster management. Mr. Salam added that the 7th disaster management camp aimss to create a well-trained and qualified community capable of responding to disasters, improve coordination with relevant authorities and institutions, reduce loss of lives and property, and help the community recover from the effects of disasters. Mr. Salam also praised the training for disaster management which covered 6 major disciplines: field assessment, registration and accommodation, water and sanitation, public information and communications, health, nutrition and distribution. The camp, organized by Qatar Red Crescent every year, hosted 350 people, 60% of them are Qatari and 100 participants representing 17 national associations from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Turkey, Yemen, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Iraq, Algeria, Morocco, Libya and Nigeria, as well as 45 trainers. The Secretary-General of Qatar Red Crescent , on the other hand, explained that the disaster management camp is unique as the only training of its kind in the world organized in Arabic, noting that the camp started as a small program and then turned into an ambitious project with a broader vision and goal. The camp, therefore, is now on the agenda of the United Nations, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the International Committee of the Red Cross and the General Secretariat of the GCC States.