On The Occasion Of Arab Orphan Day Bena Charity Organizes An Open Day For Orphans

Bana Charity for Human Development organized the activities of the open day for orphans on the occasion of the Arab Orphan Day which comes in the beginning of April every year.

The event held in the Alsukoon Park in Altorba included artistic programs, anthems, educational and cultural speeches, entertainment games, taking memorial pictures and providing prizes for the distinguished orphans. The event also included a talent discovery program, contests and theater performances that dealt with a number of topics related to promoting orphans in various aspects and following the steps of successful orphans in life. Mr. Zaid Alameri, the sponsorship officer in Bana Charity stressed the importance of the event which is celebrated every year . Alameri said ” Bana Charity seeks to bring joy and cheerfulness to the orphans and let them feel the sense of community interest”. Mr. Ameen Ahmed, the coordinator of the events of the open day, said that what distinguishes the celebration of this year is the participation of rural orphans and that the activities of the open day were prepared and presented by the orphans themselves