Honoring The Ideal Female Students Of The Academic Excellence Center

As part of the International Women’s Day, the Academic Excellence Center honored a group of outstanding and ideal female students at the Center.

The ceremony was held on Tuesday 28 March in conjunction with International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day, which come in March each year. In the ceremony 18 outstanding and ideal students were honored. Mr. Mahfouz Ahmed, the Deputy Manager of the Center, said that honoring ideal students is a tribute to the educational science and mission that we rely on in building a generation equipped with knowledge, stressing that this event comes as a recognition to the ideals in the center and motivation for more perseverance and excellence. On the other hand, the honorees praised this important event and expressed gratitude for the administration of the Academic Excellence Center as well as Bena Charity, stressing that this honor which targeted a group of the ideal students, is a proof of Bena Charity interest and it is considered as a motive for more effort and perseverance. The celebration was marked by a number of performances and shows.