Bena Charity For Human Development And (LMMPOO) Organize An Open Day For The Displaced In Ashamayatain District

Bena Charity for Human Development in partnership with (LMMPOO) organized an open day for the displaced in Atturba, Ashamayatain District within the framework of the

project of strengthening the management and coordination of the displaced centers in the state of emergency in Yemen, which is funded by the office of Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs of the United Nations (OCHA). The open Day, held in the center of the deceased Alnuman and the center of Alfajer Algadeed, targeted 482 displaced people for two successive days and was attended by many dignitaries and representatives of the local authority and development institutions. The open day included a variety of recreational activities, sports and a variety of expressive sketches and performances which created an atmosphere of joy and delighted the audience , the young as well as the old.

Mrs. Fatima Sallam, one of the event organizers, considered that such activities aim at helping the displaced to overcome the difficulties of displacement and alleviate daily pressures of life as well as creating harmony and integration among the displaced and the inhabitants of the region. Chidren and participants expressed their happiness with the open day activities and wished to be repeated in the coming days.