“Bena Charity ” Has Issued Its Annual Report For 2016

Bena Charity for Human Development in Taiz has issued the report of 2016 as most of activities and projects of the Charity have been presented along.

The report included Bena’s accomplishments during 2016 by numbers and photos in six main scopes.

The relief field was number one on the list regarding its cost and the number of beneficiaries with a percentage of 44% as the Charity focused on Relief Aid and Early Recovery, considering it as an emergency duty which can’t be ignored in such hard and difficult conditions Yemen faces. Moreover, a lot of details regarding projects and activities in education, guardianships, social and constructions fields have been included in the report as well.

Mr. Riyadh Sallam – the Executive Manager of Bena Charity – expressed his thanks and gratitude to all loyal people, funding entities, local and international organizations who contributed with efforts and support to Bena’s projects. He added ” I can’t forget to address many thanks and gratitude to the Administrative Board, all of Bena’s cadre and its’ volunteers for their all sincere efforts performance through the developmental charity services. I do encourage the white hands and mercy hearts to keep boosting and supporting Bena Charity to enable it to do its responsibilities and expand its charity zone.

To download a copy of the report (PDF) in English, Press here