Bena Charity Sponsor Various Of Educational Events

Bena Charity for Human Development has sponsored several ceremonies during this week, believing in the importance of the university education and participating in the joy of the graduators’.

Bena participated in the farewell ceremony of the tenth batch “Technology Pioneers” of the Computer Center in Taiz University, held in Tawfeeq Abdulraheem Hall in Habeel Salman Zone on Sun 18th Dec 2016. In this event, attended by the chairman of Taiz University Ph.D. Mohammad Alshoaiby, different sketches were conducted and graduators were honored by appreciation certificates as well.

The Academic Excellence Center of the Charity participated in sponsoring this farewell event for the departments of Beauty Arts and Interior Architecture (Décor Art) the batch of the Martyr Hisham Alyousefi, held in the Hall of Tawfeeq Abdularaheem in Habeel Salman Zone on Wed 21st Dec 2016

The Students’ word addressed was thanking and appreciating the Academic Excellence Center, all sponsorships and students’ mothers who played a big role in helping them to reach such a successful and happy moment.

On the other hand, Bena Charity participated in the festival “Make them Happy to Feel Happy” for cancer patients in Alamal Center, organized by Generations with No Violence in Neamah Rassam Hall, aiming to make joy enter all hearts of cancer patients’ alleviate some of their sufferance.