A Workshop On Identifying The Needs Of Education In Taiz

Bena Charity for Human Development organized, in collaboration with Studies and Educational Media Center and “I am a human foundation”, on Sunday morning 25th Sep 2016, a workshop on identifying the needs of education in Taiz governorate.

The workshop aimed to come up with a matrix of urgent and immediate needs of education in all levels (Public, Technical, and Higher one) in which it ensured instilling work in different educational institutions.

During the workshop, attended by representatives of the local council, Taiz University and Education and Technical Offices, three worksheets were presented identifying the education needs in the governorate. Moreover, the Yemeni Foundation for Construction and Development has presented a worksheet, explaining damages of educational institutes and detailed studies for about 154 schools and tens of facilities related to the Technical and Higher Education Sector.

Through worksheets discussion and remarks presented by the participants, the workshop concluded its statement to a unified matrix regarding the priority of education needs as all the participants committed themselves to work and seek for funding resources accordingly.

It’s worth to mention that the worksheets presented during the workshop have been worked on since the beginning of Aug 2016 by three specialized committees which have been created by the organizing entities, the governorate and the three educational sectors.

Some of education leaders’ representatives, representatives of the teaching board, educational sectors, students’ unions and civil society organizations along with experts and representatives of the local council have attended this workshop.