“Bena Charity” Issuing The Second Third Report Of 2016

Bena Charity for Human Development has issued the second-third report of 2016, including most of its accomplishments “May – June 2016”. This report consisted of many projects, activities and events on several scopes in addition to partnerships and relationships with local and international NGOs strengthened that Bena has gained lately.

As mentioned in the report, 17 projects have been conducted related to four scopes which are; education, relief, guardianships and seasonal projects.

The report clarified that the number of beneficiaries of Bena projects has reached (106599 persons) in 21 districts of four provinces targeted with a cost of (207,444,712 Rials), which is about (829,778 dollars).

The report assured that those projects have been conducted with a partnership of fifteen local, Arabian and international organizations. It has mentioned the relations, partnerships and different events and activities conducted as well.

To download the report in Arabic Language PDF…Press on the following link: