Bena Charity Conducting A Sacrifices Project For 1437/2016

Bena Charity for Human Development has conducted a project of distributing Eid sacrifices for 1437/2016 through its annual project, aiming at alleviating suffer of hundreds of orphanage and vulnerable households during Eid Aladha’a.

Mr. Suliman Alssamady, the projects manager of Bena Charity, has clarified that about 1400 households of different districts of the governorate and of the rural areas gets an advantage of such a project annually as it’s a permanent charity project of Bena’s in which it has a distinctive humanitarian and religious character and achieves the social solidarity principle.

Mr. Alssamady has drawn the attention that the process of meats distribution has a particular importance in reviving Islamic ritual in which it helps in putting a smile on the disadvantaged-people during such virtue days.

He has also thanked and appreciated the benefactors for their fund and support for this project such as; Qatar Charity, WAMY organization, Pure Hands organization, Alddawa Qatar Organization and Alaflaj’ inhabitants as it helped a lot of needy and vulnerable households during this year.

This project has a quite good impact as tens of households expressed their satisfaction and pleasure for such blessed giving as they used to wait for annually and they prayed for all of those supporters.