A Press Conference On The Education Indicators In Taiz Governorate

Bena Charity for Human Development and the Studies & Educational Media Center organized a press conference – on Sat 13th Aug in the hall of the Oil Office in Taiz – to present the education indicators in Taiz

In the conference, Mr. Riyadh Sallam, the executive manager of Bena Charity, presented a report on the education situation of the universities and professional and technical institutions in Taiz, explaining that 95% of the professional and technical institutes were damaged directly while 90% of the private universities are still closed and only 25% of university students who could return to study as there are more than 6000 students (males and females) in need for shelter centers and urgent financial aids.
Mr. Riyadh Sallam has indicated that the percentage of students displacement reached 80% – 50% of them were able to resume their studying in the other governorate they went to.
Mr. Sallam explained that the improper buildings of universities and institutes and the displacement of teaching members which reached 90% is a real challenge in front of normalizing the education in the governorate as the basic estimated cost for re-run Taiz University urgently is almost one hundred millions Riyal (YER).
From the another side, the chairman of the Studies and Educational Media Center, Mr. Ahmed Albohairy, has presented a report titled “Evaluating the General Education Situation of Yemen” during 2015/2016
The report has clarified that there are about 1600 schools in all provinces closed, which means that one school out of ten is closed, 36% of them are totally or somehow damaged, 22% of them are either destroyed or occupied militarily which made about one million and three hundred children between (6-17 age) depraved of continuing their study. This is to say that there is a student out of five couldn’t continue their study (about 22%), while there is a student out of six with the same age (about 16%). What’s more, about more than 800000 children displaced with their families to other secure areas and resumed their study in alternative schools or in educational centers which lack to the lowest level of being schools-environmental specifications. 30% of registered students in the general education are on only a stand-by situation and received no education yet even though they have had pass results, while about 40% of teachers and education staff were able to do their jobs during this year, part or full time, as the studying hours that students had were less than the overall average.
The report explained that Taiz governorate has been the most depraved one with compression to the other governorates as about 400 schools were closed, which means that a quarter of schools of the governorate depraved almost 200000 students (female and male) of continuing their study.
The report has evaluated the governorates and classified them to three main regions (as Inflamed Provinces; Provinces under the control of the legitimate; and Provinces under Alhauthi and Ex-president groups). The report presented several challenges, recommendations and solutions as well.
Dr. Abdu Alkulaiby, the chairman of Alhekma University, said that the education situation in Taiz is disastrous and called on the civilian community organizations, local council and the ministry to be fully responsible and face it.
At the end of the conference, all the journalists’ questions were answered.