Bena Charity” Issuing The Report Of May-June 2016

Bena Charity for Human Development has issued a report of May-June 2016, on the most achievements of the Charity during that period. The report contents of several

projects, events and activities implemented in different fields, such as; the Educational, Relief, Guardianships and the sessional projects besides making partnerships and strengthening relations with international and national NGOs
Educational Field:
Entitlements of the financial grants project were paid during May and June 2016 for 127 students of Taiz University (male and female) who were imposed by the current war to continue their studying outside Taiz province.
The Charity sponsored an honoring and farewell ceremony for the secondary school students of the martyr Neamah Rassam School. During the ceremony, which was organized by Yemen Tech Initiative in (the martyr Neamah Rassam School), the superior students of first and second grade of secondary school were honored besides the administrative board of the initiative, teachers and volunteers, whereas the third grade students of secondary school were fare-welled. This sponsorship of Bena Charity for such an activity has come to encourage the back-to-education after the school dropout and the interruption happened for students due to the war and the usage of schools as military barracks. Yemen Tech initiative included 750 female students from secondary school, 90 teachers (males and females) who half of them work voluntarily; besides several educational and development initiatives inside Taiz province were supported.

Relief Field:
Regarding this field, Bena Charity for Human Development has conducted several projects for urgent relief:

The Distribution of Housing Items (shelters) Project for Displaced People in Mokha District
With a support and funding of UNHCR and collaboration of the Humanitarian Forum in Sana’a and YDN organization, urgent humanitarian aids (shelters) have been distributed to 500 of displaced families in Mokha district, helping in reducing their sufferance and providing them with the daily needs in which the nature of exceptional life they live may require. Theses housing items (shelters) are; mattress, blankets, mat, pails, kitchenware. Furthermore, at the meantime, some arrangements have been held to make IDP camps in Mokha district.

Oxygen Cylinders for Hospitals:
Bena Charity for Human Development distributed 341 oxygen cylinders to several hospitals with an attendance of Mr. Mohammad Abdullah, the vice manager of the Planning and International Cooperation Office, funded by Pure Hands organization and in coordination with the Yemeni America Relief Committee.
This project has been conducted after “a call for help” made by some hospitals about the lack of oxygen cylinders and the risk that a hundred of injuries have been in. The project in its “phase 1” targeted Althawrah Hospital, Alrawdha, Almudhaffar, Alta’awon Hospital and Alamal Center for Cancer Remedy and provided them with 150 oxygen cylinders, while the rest will be provided through phases due to the lack of these cylinders inside Taiz.

Drinking Water:
With a funding of Sobol Foundation for Development, Bena Charity has conducted a drinking-water project to Mosques of Taiz province. The project committee, during Ramadan, has distributed thousands of liters of pure water for prayers and fasting people in the big mosques that helped a lot during this summer and the highest temperatures.

Guardianships project conducted through paying the entitlements for different categories permanently to participate in developing themselves and cover their needs in such difficult and hard life conditions that most of Yemeni people have faced.

The payment of the entitlements of guardianships with an amount of 83 million Yemeni Riyals
Bena Charity has paid the new package of the entitlements to the categories; orphans, vulnerable families, handicaps, preachers, teachers. This project was conducted due to the high concern of Bena Charity through following these people during these difficult conditions Yemen passes.

New Guardianships:
163 new guardianships for orphanage and martyrs’ people categories have been approved and supported by Qatar Charity and Yemeni Association for Relief and Development in Turkey and Dawa Qatar organization. On the other hand, the Yemeni Association for Relief and Development has approved 993 orphan files of martyrs’ people. This is to say that the number of supported orphans so far about 2048; besides, a hundred of other orphans’ and vulnerable families and handicaps’ files is still marketed, hoping to get supporters pretty soon.

Sessional Projects:
Bena Charity for Human Development has conducted “Ramadan Mercy Campaign”, which contents of several projects in Ramadan:

Breakfast Project:
With the beginning of Ramadan, Bena Charity conducted a breakfast project to cover the needy, displaced and vulnerable people needs during hard and difficult situations that Yemeni people face.
Bena Charity through this project, conducted annually, provides affected families with necessary foodstuff aids as 4432 families (31024 persons) of displaced and vulnerable people and affected families got an advantage of it.
In (Phase 1) this project “Breakfast for Fasting” funded by Qatar Red Crescent, was conducted in Taiz, Abyan and Hajjah provinces with an amount of (203000 $) and targeted 4322 families with 4322 food baskets, including (flour, sugar, rice, cooking oil, beans).
The distribution map focused on the places of the most vulnerable and affected people.
In Taiz, the IDP and affected people of Alwazyeiah were targeted and provided with 1200 food baskets, Jabal Habashi districts with 422 baskets, Almawaset district with 400 baskets; while in Abyian ( Lawder district with 1100 baskets) and Hajjah the affected people by flood disasters in Shares district with 1200 baskets.
In (Phase 2) this project “Breakfast for Fasting” funded by Qatar Charity, targeted orphans’ families and needy people as the Charity distributed 110 food baskets, including seven basic products which are (wheat 50 kg, rice 10 kg, sugar 9 kg, milk 900 gm., tomato sauce package, one kilo of tea) and 110 families got an advantage of it.

Ramadan Food Basket:
Within “Ramadan Mercy Campaign”, aiming at providing the vulnerable and orphans’ families with necessary foodstuff in Taiz province, Bena Charity for Human Development has conducted the Ramadan food baskets project in four districts as 590 families, 4130 persons got advantage of it.
At the beginning, 451 food baskets were distributed to 451 of affected and vulnerable families in Almawaset, Almodhaffar, Saluh, Alqaherah funded by benefactors from Qatar.
Through coordination with the Yemeni America Relief Committee and a funding of Pure Hands organization, “Phase 2” of the project, Bena has distributed 139 Ramadan food baskets for orphans and families not supported yet, and the relief volunteers.

Relationships and Partnerships
Bena Charity for Human Development has been approved to be one of the World Foundation for Reconstruction and Development’s partners, which is a charity non-profit independent foundation, working under the umbrella of the Muslim World League, located in Saudi Arabia.
This approval came when the documents and papers of Bena met the conditions, which has been a new addition for a new door of partnerships and cooperation between Bena Charity and the Charity Pioneering and Humanitarian Organizations locally and internationally in which it boosts the confidential field of Humanitarian and Development projects conducted by Bena Charity.
Furthermore, Bena Charity works, in the meantime, on conducting procedural steps in which they might build up a confidence and fruitful partnership in the near future with international NGOs, such as; Oxfam, UNDP…etc.

Various Events
The discussion of water situation in Taiz
Bena Charity for Human Development has hosted a committee of (Dr. Abdulkareem Shamsan, the chairman of Coalition Humanitarian Relief, Mr. Majed Alsheray, Eng. Mouath Alebby, Mecry Corps’ delegation, Eng. Badry Alebby, Water and Sanitation Authority’s delegation in Taiz, Mr. Riyadh Sallam, Deputy Manager of Bena Charity.
During the meeting, they discussed the water crisis in Taiz and its exacerbation during the current war and the possible solutions. Mr. Badry Alebby has clarified that there were some wells lack to the diesel and workers, while other seven wells lack to generators (its capacity 60-80 kilowatt), indicating that there are wells in Dhabab not working as well which means that the water network in big need for maintenance and treatments.
He added that the main station, located in the factorial compound in front of Alkaramah Hospital, needs to a generator of (400 kilowatt) as Mercy Corps demanded from the Water Institution to present a full report regarding the water situation in Taiz.

Preparations for conducting an international fair for local NGOs
“Bena Charity” participates in the preparations for conducting the international fair for local organizations, which members of the league from different countries of the world will participate in the event, which organized by the Local NGOs Federation of the Islamic World, located in Istanbul, Turkey. This fair aims at strengthening the unity and communication among the NGO-members in the Federation from inside and outside Turkey, which are 302 members in which the country-members will exchange their experiences with the other NGOs from other countries.

Launching the new website of Bena Charity on the Internet
The Media Department of Bena Charity has launched the new and modern website in the Internet in both languages (English and Arabic), which has a very good active look through several and various windows of news, files, reports of Bena Charity’s, in addition to many of audio and visual and readable versions.

Due to the continuous war, Taiz province whose population is more than 3,200,000 (Three millions and two hundred thousand people), it’s still in need for a relief interference in all fields, such as; Food, Medicine, Water and Housing Materials, in order to cover the remaining areas which the aids haven’t reached yet and they really need an urgent relief.
We call on the international organizations, the donors, authorities concerned, and UN in particular to contribute with the solution for such a crisis and provide Taiz with more support