With More Than 50 Millions Funded By Qatar Red Crescent

Bena Charity Conducting a Breakfast Project

Bena Charity for Human Development continues conducting the project “Breakfast for Fasting People”, targeting more than (4300) families

of the displaced and affected people and the most vulnerable categories in three provinces.
Mr. Riyadh Sallam, the Deputy Manager of Bena and the Project Manager, has clarified during a press statement that the “breakfast project” had necessary food aids for the affected families such as (Flour, Sugar, Rice, Cooking Oil, Beans), indicating that the first phase already finished in Alwazeayah district which has many displaced and vulnerable people due to the current situations as 1200 families got advantage of it. Furthermore, during a couple of days, the project will be conducted in Jabal Habashi, Almawaset districts besides Abyian and Hajjah provinces. He added “this project has been funded generously by Red Qatar Crescent and conducted in Taiz, Abiyan and Hajjah with a cost of more than 50000 millions Riyals, targeting more than 4300 families, indicating that this project will pass different stages in three provinces. “This project is just to cover the needs of the displaced and vulnerable categories, particularly in this blessing month due to the difficult conditions Yemeni people have faced” Mr. Sallam added.
He concluded his speech by thanking Red Qatar Crescent in Qatar and their office in Yemen for such a generous attention which helped the needy people and cleaned the suffering dust from them. By conducting such a project funded by Red Qatar Crescent has been the real concern and feelings of them towards the Yemeni Society sufferance in these hard conditions.