Discussing The Water Situation In ” Taiz ” …..

Bena Charity for Human Development hosted the committee of (Dr. Abdulkareem Shamsan – Bena Chairman, Majed Alsheray and the engineer Muath Alebby – Mercy Corps, the engineer Badry Alebby – Water

and Sanitation Office in Taiz, and Riyadh Sallam – Deputy Manager of Bena Charity. During the meeting, the attendances discussed the water crisis in Taiz and its exacerbate during the war and the possible solutions as Mr.Badry Alebby has cleared that there were wells lacking to Diesel and workers, while there were 7 wells in need for generators (60-80 kilowatt) and other 7 wells not working in Aldhabab area.
He added “the water network is in a big need for maintenance in some of the damaged places and requires proper treatments. He indicated that the main station is located in the factorial compound, in front of Alkaramah hospital needs a generator of 400 kilowatt; whereas, Mercy Corps has required from the water authority a full report, explaining the water situation in Taiz.