“Bena Charity” Distributing Oxygen Cylinders To Taiz Hospitals

By a generous funding from Pure Hands and the American-Yemeni Committee coordination, Bena Charity for Human Development has inaugurated the distribution of 341 oxygen cylinders to several

hospitals of Taiz as Mr. Mohammad Abdullah , Deputy Manger of the International Cooperation and Planning Office, attended with Mr. Suliman Alssamady, the projects responsible of Bena Charity.
Mr. Alssamady, has cleared that conducting such a project came after some of the hospitals called for urgent relief as they run out of oxygen and their patients and injured people have been in danger. The project targeted, in its phase 1, the hospitals of Althawrah, Alrawdha, Almudhafar, Alta’awon and Alamal Center for Cancer Remedy, and the rest will be provided during the next days.
Mr. Alssamady has indicated that the need for such an aid is very big and importance, what have been provided, however, were very less, as the big hospitals consume about 80 oxygen cylinders a day. He asked the health, local and international NGOs and the authorities concerned to contribute with solving such a problem and to be considered as an urgent priority and not delay it any long. On the other hands, the deputy manager of the International Cooperation and Planning Office, with the hospital representatives have appraised on the Pure Hands and Bena Charity for conducting such an important project, hoping to spend more efforts to provide such a material for all the hospitals and health centers.