Bena Charity Paying The Dues Of The Sponsored People With A Mount Of 83 Millions

Bena Charity for Human Development inaugurating the new payment of the dues of sponsored people ((Orphans – Vulnerable families – Disabled people – Preachers – Teachers)

Mr. Riyadh Sallam – Deputy Manager of Bena Charity – cleared that such payment was done as it is one of Bena concern on following-up the sponsored people during these current hard conditions of Yemen, indicating that such dues targeted 2243 sponsored of different categories with an amount of (83,872,333) eighty three millions, eight hundred seventy two thousands, three hundred thirty three Yemeni Riyals. He added ” different needs were given to 127 orphans (females and males) based on an orphan request and the support by caregivers”. Mr. Riyadh Sallam has appraised on the caregivers and supporting institutions; at the forefront Qatar Charity, Dawa Qatar Organization, WAMY organization, Yemeni Organization for Relief and Development and the Pure Hands organization, who support these sponsored people and prevent them from humiliating question or need for others, hoping that Allah may bless them and return it to them with gracing. Furthermore, 993 orphanage-files of the martyrs’ people and others were adopted by the Yemeni Foundation for Relief and Development in Turkey so that the total number of the sponsored orphans has become 2048.
It’s worthy to mention, the guardianships project was conducted by paying dues in quarter system permanently for different categories to assist in developing themselves and covering some of their needs during such hard conditions that most of Yemeni people face.