New Guardianship For A Number Of 163 Of Orphans And Martyrs’ Sons

Bena Charity for Human Development has received an approved file of a new guardianship for orphans and martyrs’ sons.

Mr. Zaid Alamery – the responsible of Guardianships of Bena – has explained that those guardianships offered through Qatar Charity, YARD organization in Turkey and Aldawaa Organization in Qatar. Mr. Alamery, added “ the total number of these guardianships is 1240 case of different categories so far, appreciating and appraising on the supporting authorities such as; Qatar Charity, YARD organization and Aldawaa organization in Qatar for their kind cooperation. On the other hand, the first batch has paid for a number of 20 of the martyrs’ sons’ allocations as the next batch will be paid in the next days.
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