“Bena” Issuing The First Quarter Report Of 2016

Bena Charity for Human Development in Taiz issued a report clarifying the situation of Taiz province during the first third of 2016, including numbers and statistics about the human and

Bena Charity for Human Development in Taiz issued a report clarifying the situation of Taiz province during the first third of 2016, including numbers and statistics about the human and material losses, recorded during the events with the accomplishments of Bena Charity. The report sum up seven main aspects; the humanitarian situation, the extension of poverty, displaced people, education, unemployment, public services, and psychological support.
The report talked about (425) murdered, (2186) injuries due to the war conducted by Saleh and Alhawthi during Jan – Apr 2016. They were murdered and injured by a sniper or indiscriminate bombing on inhabitant areas with different weapons, heavy and middle. Men have been the highest number among the victims, as 271 of men were murdered, 1551 injuries, while the children were the second range, as 109 were murdered, and 472 injuries, whereas 45 of women were murdered, and 163 inured. The total of murdered people since Apr 2015 till Apr 2016 has been (2010) and (12250) injured.

Through such statistics of murdered people, we find that the men is the highest percentage, which means the big loose of the supporter of a family, in which it causes to extend the number of orphans category. As a result, the contribution of Bena Charity during the first third of 2016 was as follows;
• 190 orphans of the war events (males and females) have been sustained, besides marketing for a hundred of other orphans and handicapped files.
• 1014 sustained persons have received their dues with an amount of (52,376,625) fifty two millions three hundred seventy six thousands and twenty five YER.
• 122 sustained persons have received essential needs for an amount of (1,431,756) one million four hundred thirty one thousand and seven hundred fifty six YER.
• Superior orphans have been honored in some schools.
Regarding the economical aspect, the statistics have indicated to the need of 70% who needs urgent aids. As a result, Bena Charity has conducted a relief project, by distributing 9500 food baskets funded by King Salman Center and in cooperation with the Coalition Humanitarian Relief in Taiz and individual support.
There has been statistic for new displaced people in Alwazeayah and Mokha districts as 6096 families living very hard conditions.
By a funding of UNCHR, in collaboration of Humanitarian Forum and the Coalition Humanitarian Relief in Taiz, Bena has conducted a project of distributing 5500 housing materials for 5500 displaced families in nine districts.
The report indicated to the education field as the elementary and secondary schools resumed their actions in the city gradually with facing some difficulties, by opening new flats; whereas, the universities have been still closed, except Alhekma university, which opened lately to receive Taiz university students in some specialties so that thousands of students continued their studying in the other cities which are more quite.
The report has mentioned the contribution of Bena Charity in such a field, as 127 financial grants were given to female students of the universities, who were imposed to continue studying outside Taiz, believing about the importance of continuity of university learning. It has cleared that the public services such as, water and electricity weren’t working at all besides the lack of health services like medicine, oxygen cylinders, closed hospitals, the spread of diseases due to the garbage in streets and the absence of Cleanliness Office because of the siege on the entrances of the city imposed by Saleh and Alhuthi.
The report confirmed that Bena Charity has a plan during the next months regarding drinking water projects, by distributing water tanks in the affected avenues and fill them in water permanently. Bena has marketed “Cleanliness Taiz” project to lift the garbage from the avenues and streets.
The big unemployment of young people issue has been one of the report interests to indicate to. The percentage of unemployment was 90% besides the 90% of closing and stopping totally of factories and 75 % of firing workers and stopping work in the private sectors and the daily-wages workers such as (Building workers, smithy, tile worker, mechanic, electrician, plumber,….)
Accordingly, Bena Charity has contributed in purchasing a mini-bus for two brothers with the “empowering” projects, started in 2015 and it will continue through different stages
The report, as well indicated to the psychological impact of the war as it always leaves a deep psychological impact on most of the society categories as we see the panic on children and disappointment and despair on some of young people.
Bena Charity has conducted some activities, in which they aren’t considered as projects but they contribute in somehow of psychology aspect support, through producing a clip “the down has deadline” announced by different T.V. channels. This clip helps at sowing optimism and instilling hope besides superior orphans were honored through seminars conducted.
The report concluded by presenting the relationships and partnerships of Bena through the previous period.

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