Bena Charity Sponsors Honoring The Secondary Schools Superiors And Teachers

Under the sponsorship of Bena Charity for Human Development, on Sunday morning 15 May, a ceremony held to honor and farewell the secondary school students of the martyr

Neamah Rassam School. During the ceremony, organized by the Yemen Tech initiative in (the School of Martyr Neamah Rassam), the superiors of first and second of high school were honored besides the administrative board and the voluntary teachers. The third class of high school was farewelled as well. Speeches and sketches were presented during the ceremony which most of the audience liked and got interested by.
It is worthy to mention, there was several national and young initiatives during the current war opened new flats and buildings, not furnished yet, were classified as classes for students “males and females” for the elementary and secondary stages, after the damages happened to the schools by the random shoot.
Bena concerns on such activity to encourage the return to studying after the long stop happened to many students due to the war, as Yemen Tech initiative included 750 female students from the secondary stage and 90 teachers “females and males” half of them working voluntarily.